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Search for H&R Parts

H&R Springs Canada - Buy H&R Springs Online

Buy H&R Springs from Essex Distributors – Coil Spring Dealer

Essex Distributors is Canada’s leading distributor of H&R Springs. We have been in the business since 1986 and sell to both retail customers and wholesalers across Canada. Use our vehicle selection tool above and choose the H&R Springs that best suit your vehicle and proceed to the checkout to complete your purchase. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200.00 within Canada!

More information about H&R Springs is listed below, read below to see our full selection of H&R Springs.

H&R Springs - Proven quality, ISO9001 certified, TUV approved.

Suspension is one of the most important factors in determining your vehicle’s day-to-day drivability. One of the first steps in suspension tuning is to replace your vehicle’s stock springs. Upgrading your suspension components will ensure that your vehicle has improved handling and reduced body roll. Installing H&R springs means superb ride comfort and increased driving convenience.

H&R Special Springs are high quality products-they will not set or sag, they are designed and manufactured to be strong, resilient, and more durable than other automotive coil springs. All H&R springs are crafted from a special (hf) 54SiCr6 spring steel to ensure premium quality and performance. We shot-peen our springs to increase their life by more than 200%. All production is completed in-house so we can ensure the quality of our products. Each spring is 100% tested before leaving our ISO9001 certified production facility in Germany.

Being 100% German made means something, we do not leave anything to chance! Highest quality assurance standards with TUV certification!

H&R OE Sport Springs

  • Lowers .25 – .75” on average
  • Offers more control and balance

Only from H&R, OE Sport Springs are for those who desire a slight increase in handling and control. You can expect reduced body roll and superb ride comfort with better driving convenience. OE Sport Springs provide a subtle upgrade for a fine-tuned vehicle.

H&R Sport Springs

  • Lowers 1.5 – 1.8” on average
  • Superb ride quality

Sport Spring kits are H&R’s number one selling product. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs lower the vehicle center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make the vehicle more streamlined and improve gas mileage. If you are only looking to improve one part of your vehicle’s suspension, you cannot go wrong with installing Sport Springs. Fun to drive, H&R Sport Springs are the number one upgrade for your vehicle.

H&R Super Sport Springs

  • Lowers 1.75 – 2.3” on average
  • Provides superior ride and maximum lowering

Only from H&R, Super Sport Springs have all the features of Sport Springs, plus additional lowering—great for the seasoned enthusiast looking for a little more. These high tech progressive springs retain superior ride comfort. The handling of your vehicle will be improved with a lower center of gravity. H&R Super Sport Springs give your vehicle the best-looking performance stance.

H&R Race Springs

  • Lowers 1.75 – 2.5” on average
  • Designed for responsive, tight handling and performance

H&R Race Springs are designed for high performance drivers who want the most out of their vehicles. When the need for uncompromised handling performance becomes a priority, H&R Race Springs will provide over-the-top race ready performance and appearance. They help balance vehicle weight for improved performance and control, while lowering the center of gravity. Expect a reduced roll center and reduced body roll from H&R Race Springs.

A camber-adjusting device like H&R ‘Triple C’ Camber Adjustment Bolts may be necessary to remove excess negative camber, ensure longer tire life, and obtain the highest level of vehicle performance.