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H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers Canada - Buy H&R Wheel Spacers Online

Buy H&R Wheel Spacers from Essex Distributors
Essex Distributors is Canada’s leading distributor of H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers. We have been in the business since 1986 and sell to both retail customers and wholesalers across Canada. Use our vehicle selection tool above and choose the H&R Wheel Spacers that best suit your vehicle and proceed to the checkout to complete your purchase. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within Canada!

More information about H&R Wheel Spacers is listed below, read below to see our full selection of H&R Wheel Spacers

H&R TRAK+® DR Series

  • 3 – 23 mm widths available

DR Series® spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require longer wheel bolts (ordered separately). Please verify bolt specifics before ordering (taper or round bolt head and shaft length).

H&R TRAK+® DRS Series

  • 5 – 20 mm widths available

DRS Series® spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones (studs are included).

H&R TRAK+® DRA Series

  • 20 – 45 mm widths available

DRA Series® spacers bolt to the hub with special wheel bolts (included) and provide new threaded holes for the existing wheel bolts.

H&R TRAK+® DRM Series

  • 15 – 65 mm widths available

DRM Series® spacers bolt to the hub with existing wheel studs and special nuts (included). Wheel is bolted to new DRM wheel studs.

H&R TRAK+® Wheel Adapters

  • 15 – 50 mm widths available

Similar to H&R TRAK+® DRM Series® Wheel Spacers, H&R’s TRAK+® Wheel Adapters are hubcentric spacers that allow you to change bolt patterns for different wheel fitments. Please check availability for your vehicle.

H&R TRAK+® Hub Adapters

  • 5 – 20mm widths available

TRAK+® Hub Adapters convert the vehicle hub to fit wheels of like bolt patterns but different hub center bores—allowing you to fit wheels from one car to another car and retain proper center bore alignment for the perfect fit. Longer bolts are required. Please verify bolt specifics before ordering.