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Essex Distributors, established in 1986, is a H&R dealer. We serve Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico and the Caribbean, specializing in performance suspension components for both street and motorsport applications for import and domestic vehicles.

Latest H&R News

CAD vs. USD :: August 6th, 2015


Due to recent domestic and global conditions, the value of the Canadian dollar has drastically weakened against the US dollar. In recent weeks the Canadian dollar has hit a 10 year low when compared to US currency. As a result, we find ourselves unable to continue to absorb this and therefore must implement a price increase on all H&R products.

We realize that this is not welcome news for you, and in the event that the Canadian dollar strengthens against the US dollar, we will decrease pricing accordingly. We hope that you understand that this change is due to factors beyond our control. We will still be offering free shipping on all online purchases.

Thank you for your understanding

H&R Equipped Tiguan :: July 16th, 2015


This nice thing about the Tiguan is that it comes in all wheel drive. It hasĀ a nice upright seating position. It has lots of headroom, and it’s based off of the Golf chassis. If you need a go-anywhere hatchback, it’s perfect.
What’s even better, is you can slap on some coilovers and 20″ wheels, and you’re still able to take it anywhere. It has a high ground clearance so you can eliminate the wheel gap with big wheels and not worry about scraping or rubbing if you lower the car.
This Tiguan is a perfect example of that. With 20×10 Rotiform SPF wheels in the DDT finish, the wheel arches are now full and the car/truck/suv/whatever has a more aggressive stance. The use of H&R Street Performance coil overs gets the Tiguan down and squatted over the wheels and gives the driver a more engaging experience. Some might complain that lowering an SUV like the Tiguan defeats the purpose of having one, but we think it makes a great thing greater. And besides, how many of you actually take your Tiguan off road?


H&R Equipped A3 :: January 29th, 2015

RPI Equipped has done it again with another H&R equipped Audi A3 sedan.

This A3 features the H&R Street Performance coil over kit and H&R swaybars. H&R Trak+ wheel spacers help push the 20″ Hartmann wheels out to the perfect position.